How to Get a Natural Makeup Look for Day Parties

How to Get a Natural Makeup Look for Day Parties

We all tend to get a little carried away with our makeup when it’s party time. I know I do.

Invite me to a party and you can be sure that I’ll spend hours dressing up and sitting in front of the mirror putting my makeup on.

I’ll have ALL my makeup out (mind you, that’s a lot of makeup) and I’ll go crazy trying to decide what kind of look to go for. However, when it comes to parties that are held in the day time – you know, baby showers, office parties, celebration brunches – I’ve come to realize that there is nothing better than a natural makeup look.

While it is ok to go all out with makeup after dark, keep in mind that the sun can make heavy makeup look very harsh. I’ve made the mistake of wearing over-dramatic makeup in the daytime and was eventually quite horrified with the looks I’d gotten and how out of place it looked. So my advice is to keep it simple.

Easy Techniques for Natural Makeup Look

There is very little that you need to create a natural makeup look. Get together your moisturizer, foundation, concealer, some lip gloss or a lipstick that is very close to the color of your lips, blush, some earthy eye shadow colors, and mascara that is not black.

Before you begin applying your makeup, cleanse and tone your skin. Then moisturize with a product that suits your skin-type. Wait for about five minutes before applying anything else.

The most important thing to achieving a natural look here is your base. Your face must be clean and look smooth. Begin by applying concealer on any problem spots. Take care of the area under your eyes too. Dark circles can completely ruin your entire look.

This holds true no matter what kind of makeup look you’re going for.

Next, apply your foundation as usual. If you have oily skin, choose a powdered foundation over a liquid one. The opposite applies if you have dry skin. Make sure that the color of your foundation is as close to your skin color as possible.

Apply evenly over your face and neck. Do not neglect your ears, the back of your neck, and your chest if you are wearing a low cut dress.

Give your cheeks some color with your blush. The blush should be just a few shades darker than your skin. It should literally look like you are blushing.

Now for the eyes. Eye makeup should be as minimal as possible. Apply a neutral tone shadow from the eyes to the brow ridge, and from there to eye crease go for a medium toned shadow.

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Skip eye liner entirely. Just apply mascara to open up the eyes and define the lashes.

And finally, just dab on that lip gloss and you are good to go.

When it comes to natural looking makeup, it is mostly about the shades and colors of the makeup you use. If you get that right, the rest of it should be a breeze.

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