Everyday Eyeshadow Application Guide ( link mascare last paragraph )

Everyday Eyeshadow Application Guide ( link mascare last paragraph )

Almost every woman puts quite a bit of time into their eye makeup before they go out. The amount of makeup you wear, the color, and the way you wear it all reflects and emulates the type of environment you’re going to be in.

When you’re seen wearing it, you want your gorgeous eyes to attract attention first, and dazzle everyone that’s good enough to catch your gaze.

I think that a woman’s eyes are the most captivating fragment of the whole package, so why not emphasize your eyes even when you’re in a casual setting?

Here’s some of my personal tips on eyeshadow

I encourage you to try these techniques and use this advice if you want reveal stopping peepers the next time you’re at the grocery store or just hanging out with your partner or family at home.

The biggest mistake a woman can make with eyeshadow and other eye makeup is choosing the wrong color scheme!

You would be amazed at how mammoth of a difference just a few shades of color can get for your eyes.

Women who have darker eye colors should try and end close to the complementary colors as you can. For brown eyes, either dark or light, I bag that soothing colors complement them best.

Mixing brown eyeliner and eyeshadow with brown eyes is dazzling, especially a deep mahogany brown liquid eyeliner with a soft, almost amber brown shimmer eyeshadow.

The colors both complement each other, as well as bring out the natural beauty of your mysterious sad eyes. Plums and lavenders are also nice for brown eyes, and go quite well when both of these shades of purple are used together.

As always, use a darker liner color than the color you’re using for your eyeshadow.

For you ladies with blue eyes, your options are numerous and slim at the same time. Depending on your hair color, you could either earn a statement, or do a big makeup no-no by using similar shade eyeshadows.

If you have sunless hair and light blue eyes, wearing blue eyeshadow is a inconvenience. For darker haired women with blue eyes, a subtle orange or gold works well, especially when you’re wearing subtly colored clothes.

If you’ve got blond or red hair and blue eyes, then deep blue eyeshadows can actually benefit the look of your eyes. Try wearing a black slimming eyeliner like a feather-tip liquid, and give yourself a sort of cat-eye sway look with deep blue satin eyeshadow on top, only halfway up your lid.

This not only brings out the natural color of your eyes, but also brings attention to the sides of your face, which is where your pretty light locks are!

Girls with green eyes and hazel eyes seem to look good in similar shades. Pinks and reds look expansive on green eyes, especially on women with darker hair.

For a brunette with green eyes, a soft pink with a hard pink liner underneath your eye is a gorgeous and simple and elegant statement that brings out all the shades that make up your pretty green eyes.

Hazel eyes are a big more difficult, but ogle absolutely breathtaking with some simple black liner and a gentle grey or blue-grey on top. Using a regular soft eyeshadow applier, just dab some cool shades and line with dusky for a soft, pretty contemplate that’s easy on the eyes of your onlookers as well as your own.

Applying eyeliner and eyeshadow can be a bit tricky when you’re not trying to bewitch your time.

Since you’re not planning anything special, a simple stick eyeliner works wonders. Sharpen it safely if you have to, or if you have a push-up eyeliner, make definite the tip isn’t too rounded and thick.

Thin, framing lines around your eyes are the perfect inaugurate (and demolish!) to your casual, every day gape makeup routine.

Start from the inside and device your way out, and then go the opposite way, lightly, to have in any gaps or even out the line without thickening it.

It’s not necessary to do the bottom of your contemplate too, but for many discover colors, this look is gorgeous and doesn’t take much longer to apply.

Once you’ve got your eyeliner on, settle a color of eyeshadow that looks right for your shade of eyes, and matches with whatever outfit you’ve chosen to lounge around in that day.

(Even if it’s unprejudiced a t shirt and sweats, dusky eyeliner matches everything!)

Eyeshadow is simple, and I have a tip to make it even more simple

Take the very tip of your finger and pat the eyeshadow you’ve chosen very gently.

It’s important to tap it gently because even after you wash your hands, your fingers preserve oil that will slowly and gradually change the texture and consistency of your eyeshadow.

Close your eyes one by one and get close to your mirror, gently dabbing your eyelids and using your finger as an applicator. This is very useful because it’s trim quick, and your fingers are perfect smudge tools!

Since you’re only hanging around casually, you don’t want your eyes to explore too offsetting, so the finger application method is perfect for a soft, subtle shade of color.

Once you’ve evened it out along your eyelid, it may be necessary to spend your liner to go over that line on the top just once more.

Finish off with your favorite mascara, and viola! Gorgeous everyday eyes that will wow your husband, impress your neighbors and spark envy in all the other mothers at your child’s next soccer game!

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