Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyed Girls

Best Makeup Colors for Blue Eyed Girls

If you are interested in eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls you surely are a lucky girl! You do realize how many women go through the horrors of buying contact lenses and similar products just to get that look, right?

If you are that lucky, why not take advantage of it and flaunt it so everyone can see it? With the right makeup, you can add that extra glow to your look by accentuating your iris.

If this sounds a bit complicated, here are the most effective eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls:

Adapt your look to your shade of blue

If you want to accentuate the blue in your eyes and don’t know how, the first thing in achieving your desired look is to analyze what kind of blue your eyes are because there are 4 levels of blue for your iris.

What to do if your eyes have a darker blue iris? All you need to know about eyeshadow color tips for blue eyes is that you can use almost anything. If you are this lucky you can wear whatever eye-shadow you like, even the strongest colors and you won’t go wrong.

If you would describe your eyes like being a medium blue, like the clear blue sky on a warm summer day, the trick that will work for you is to wear a lighter shade of eye-shadow.

Still, if you really love wearing powerful colors, feel free to do so, but make sure to apply an eye-liner to make your eyes pop!

If your eyes are a lighter blue, you have surely noticed that it’s a bit more complicated to find that perfect shade, not everything suits you. The safest option in this case would be to choose the palest colors you can find or if you are feeling rebellious you can go as far as a medium colored shade, but stay away from those powerful colors!

But you can rest assured, you will look great without all that flashy make-up.

A more complicated discussion comes up when talking about a greyish kind of blue because opinions are a bit divided.

This kind of eye color for blue eyes is a bit more difficult because it changes depending on what kind of clothes you have on and what colors they are.

Still, depending on your outfits you can surely think of something, be really creative and get a lovely result. But keep in mind that it’s recommended to avoid darker makeup!

Other tips and tricks

Another eyeshadow color tips for blue eyed girls is that a neutral shade of tanning will always help blue eyed girls to accentuate their eyes. For a really good evening makeup, you could also try violet and different shades of lavender and purples, these really make blue eyes pop and offer a perfect dazzling looks for evenings.

After all this advice remember that your eyeshadow should be as intense as your eyes are. And, also it’s important to choose the right shadow colors based on evening or daytime occasions.

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