5 Nail Painting Tools You Might Not Know About

5 Nail Painting Tools You Might Not Know About

Ever wondered how that girl got those lines painted so straight on her left AND right hand? Well here are some of the awesome tools out there that you may not have heard of.

Nail tape

Tape for nails? Really? Really! This tape is amazing, it is a super skinny tape that comes in every color you could possibly think of, and has a billion different uses.

Use #1 – Decoration. This tape is so thin that you can leave in on your painted nails and it looks like you took tinsel off your Christmas tree and painted it to your nails.

Use #2 – Line guide. This tape is ideal for painting small lines on your nails. First paint your base color, next apply the tape where you don’t want the polish to go. Paint in between the lines, remove the tape, and voilà! You have perfect stripes on your fingernails!


These things are seriously way cool. Sets of these nail stampers come with something like 100 different designs.

With everything from flowers, to chevron patterns, and even fancy French tips! You can get a set and all the supplies needed for about $20 online.

At first when you are applying designs to your nails using your stamper, be patient. It is hard to master in the beginning but becomes much easier with practice.

Ziploc Bags

Say What? This sounds ridiculous, I know. When you want a really cool design painted on your fingernails, but don’t have the dexterity or skill to do it, paint your design with nail polish on a Ziploc bag!

When it is dry you just peel it off, stick the design on your nails and finish with a top coat.

Nail Shields

Nail shields you have probably heard of, but then again, maybe not. There are different brands and companies out there making them. They come in millions of different designs and colors, and are super easy to apply.

Some decals are just a type of stickers, while others you attach to your nails with a blow dryer. Either way, they are super cute and will save you trips to the salon and money.

Tie-Dye Nails

This is also a new trending style with nails! It’s super easy, follow the steps below for amazing psychedelic nails!

  • Paint your nails a base color, preferably white.
  • Tape around your nails with scotch or masking tape. (this prevents the excess polish from getting on your skin.)
  • Put 3 drops of your first color choice in a glass of water, followed by another color or 2 depending on how many colors you want on your nails.
  • Quickly move a toothpick around creating any design you may want
  • Dip your nail in the water to apply the polish
  • Don’t take your nail out immediately or you will ruin the nail
  • Take your toothpick and clear out all of the extra polish you didn’t use

Ta da! Your nails are now tie-dyed. Perfect for going as a hippy to your Halloween party!

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